Field trip: Enterprise UX

Some time last year, a post on Linkedin by Peter Boersma announcing the first Dutch Enterprise UX conference in Utrecht. It was dead cheap with a bunch of interesting speakers, but they had me at “Enterprise UX.” …and I knew…this is … continue reading

Prove me wrong!

As a professional, we most likely strive for perfection. To deliver on time and deliver really well. The delivery for most designers is the Developer Handover. The moment you give your design to the developer and say, “here you go, have … continue reading

Why I stopped planning to create

I always had so many ideas. Most of them ended up on some to-do list. Sometimes I’d be so fired up about an idea that I would make actual plans (and actual results). These were really smart plans, with an MVP … continue reading

Writing to write

I write to write. I feel a bit hypocritical about that because, often, it is just adding noise. And I hate noise. I love silence. Silence is space. Space to think. Space to be. Space to receive. You need to hold … continue reading

Meditations from Seth Godin

It’s no secret I love Seth Godin. I think he’s just remarkable. There are a few of his books I truly cherish, the ones I read multiple times or that made such an impression. The sheer presence of these books on … continue reading

Domain hoarding

Back in the old days, when we had an idea (for a website, service or application etc.), the first thing we did was check -and claim- all the available domain names and social media handles. It is the expression of a … continue reading

The golden cage of ‘side projects’

Most of us realise that having a job, whether as a freelancer or not, is trading time for money. We spend an amount of time delivering (hopefully) value to a business, and in return, we receive money or a salary. You … continue reading

Hello world!

Hi there, welcome to my new blog. You may have read some of my posts on or, or other websites from my elaborate ecosystem. I started blogging in 2006 and started quite a few websites along the way, some … continue reading