Why I stopped planning to create

I always had so many ideas. Most of them ended up on some to-do list. Sometimes I’d be so fired up about an idea that I would make actual plans (and actual results). These were really smart plans, with an MVP as a goal and a list of realistic steps to get there. This might actually be one of my superpowers, connecting the dots. I can quickly see the realistic steps required to create a careful plan. Ask me for any project, and I’ll help you cut to the chase and figure out a clear, doable plan.

But you know what… these clear, doable plans suck the fun and the energy out of it. I might even say creativity and inspiration. You plan to reduce unknowns, stick to what works and then work your way to the finish line in the most efficient way possible.

Excellent for businesses and large companies. That’s how you get shit done. But that is how you get boring shit done. And in some cases, just shit because often time constraints will prevent the opportunity to create something truly great. “Just get it out there,” they say. Make it a “Minimal Viable Product that we will improve over time”.

I’ve seen many businesses build a house of cards based on an MVP. Without fixing the foundation, they keep adding and adding to the MVP. To make the Minimal “More and More” instead of “Better and Better”.

I accept a certain level of planning and MVPism in my line of work, but in my personal zone of creation, I just don’t anymore. I love to sit with the unknown and let it take me in any direction it wants to go and discover with me. Now, every time I grab a notebook to make plans or figure out the next steps for myself, I open a text editor and just start typing.

Yes, I dare to say, “I go with the flow“, only I do create the flow. I don’t sit and wait for inspiration to arrive. I start, and I sit and “do the work”, and sometimes what I create is something great, and people will find it and like it. Sometimes it’s just not for everyone (or anyone), and that’s okay too.

I don’t create to meet some quotum anymore, because some algorithm tells me to. I don’t create to please anyone else but myself. And you know what… that feels SO GOOD! You should try it. Fuck plans and lists for 2023; just create.

Thanks for reading. You are amazing, you know that, right?!