The sound of productivity

Last year I first fell into the trap called ‘mechanical keyboards’, and I haven’t looked back. It’s strangely satisfying to have a…. well… loud keyboard.

The only keyboards I owned came with my Mac, and last few years, they have been variants of the Magic keyboard. A low profile and quietly clicking keyboard. Very dignified.

Mechanical keyboards are somewhat domain of gamers. But make no mistake, you can view them as a productivity hack, as much as a vanity upgrade. And not very dignified.

The right-sounding keyboard can push you into focus mode because it creates a nice cadence. Also, it has been known that the ergonomics or the right keyboard helps you make fewer typos. So just imagine a nice-looking piece of equipment on your desk that sounds pleasing and increases your productivity, and reduces errors…

Well, they had me at “nice looking” 😉

My gear

For those interested, I exchanged my Keychron Q2 for a Nuphy Halo75. (And currently awaiting the Halo96.v2) The problem with the Keychron was the aluminium body that didn’t sound right. After many modifications (yes I went there) I gave up and sold it.

The Nuphy was great out of the box, no need to mods. The folks at Nuphy understand their users’ need for the ‘perfect’ thock of their keystrokes.

It is their mission, and I can honestly say they do a great job. I already owned a Nuphy Air60 for travel. It is compact and pleasing to the eye but lacks the finesse that the Halo75 has. So… I preordered the Air96.

Update 2024

The Nuphy Air96 promised a better-sounding case and more options for switches (the things most responsible for the sound of each keystroke). Granted, it is bigger, and I might end up ordering the next version of the Air60 if they ever venture to improve it.

After a year I can say, the Air96 proved to be a great addition and it is also a great conversation starter as a work-nomad that brings their own gear. It’s miles better then the first Air60 and comes with a range of options for switches. Nuphy gets our desire for the right ‘thock’, which is different for everyone.

So you want in on this keyboard rabbit hole

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. But, if you’re just starting out on this rabbit-hole-journey, you might not know where to start, here are some tips for you:

  • Mobility: choose the Air, when you want to take your keyboard with you.
  • Size: want ALL keys including the full numeric part? Choose the 96%.
  • Wonder what they sound like (trigger warning for rabbit hole) check their Youtube channel.
  • Want the one I am getting next? Choose the new Halo96.v2.
  • Want more, just email me and say “keyboard?” and you’ll get me going.
You know what. I approve this piece of equipment and I chose to become an affiliate partner. If you want a coupon code for your next purchase, follow this promotional link that will give you 10% off your purchase.

Thanks for reading. You are amazing, you know that, right?!