Writing to write

I write to write. I feel a bit hypocritical about that because, often, it is just adding noise.

And I hate noise.

I love silence. Silence is space.

Space to think.

Space to be.

Space to receive.

You need to hold the space to receive. Holding space is sitting in silence and listen without judgement. In that state, you are able to receive new inspiration or ideas. The opposite of this is a state of judgement or bias. You will mostly receive more of what you already have.

So, perhaps I have to acknowledge that writing to write is preparing my mind to hold space for inspiration to join the writing party. It really is like that. You start with the noise and work through it in order to prepare for silence. To listen and receive, so you can create.

You cannot create from a noisy place; you cannot create if your head is full or if there is too much going on. Creation would be all over the place. Creation would hold no meaning and would be void of any form of inspiration or vision if you didn’t prepare to create from a place of silence.

Yes, granted, sometimes silence doesn’t come, and all you can do is sit and deal with the noise. If you are out of practice or haven’t sat in silence in a long time. Then it might be harder for silence to come over you. But one thing I do know for sure is that without silence, all I create is just noise.

Now I think about it, writing to write is not adding to the noise; it is dealing with the noise until you are able to connect with inspiration and continue to create from this inspired space.

Thanks for reading. You are amazing, you know that, right?!