Meditations from Seth Godin

It’s no secret I love Seth Godin. I think he’s just remarkable. There are a few of his books I truly cherish, the ones I read multiple times or that made such an impression. The sheer presence of these books on my bookshelves gives me such a rich feeling.

Seth is also a very pleasant person to listen to, just listen to any podcast with him as a guest, and you have time well spent. During this particular episode on the Tim Ferriss show, they went on about coffee, chocolate and thank-you notes. The first thing I did, after finishing the episode, was to send Seth a bar of chocolate. Not a whole box, just a bar. It was meant as a thank-you note, after all.

If you won’t read any of his books (or follow his project The Cabon Almanac) or listen to any of his appearances on various podcast shows… you could read his blog posts.

He writes daily blog posts. Tiny bits of gold. Short and to the point, they surely won’t waste your time. It’ll take less than a minute to read (you have to recognise someone’s brilliance to understand how hard that is). But the impact lasts much longer. I consider them the meditations from Seth.

Thanks for reading. You are amazing, you know that, right?!

PS. My favourite books? I loved Leap First, This is Marketing and The Practice.