CSSday & keyboard nerdery

Last June I was at the CSSday, and Marcin Wichary from Figma had a fantastic talk. It had all the right ingredients: Figma, Typography and fonts and indeed the “Why is ⌘B so unpredictable” (and I get it now) and then… keyboards. I was at the edge of my seat; what a surprise treat! And I wasn’t the only one there soaking up the keyboard love.

He’s writing a book!

Marcin is writing a book about the history of keyboards. I… CAN… NOT… WAIT… and in the latest email update, he shares the table of contents and the expected start of the Kickstarter campaign. It turns out I have to wait, but it will be worth it. You can read and subscribe here at Revue.

Meanwhile, you could watch the presentation of “I pressed ⌘B. You wouldn’t believe what happened next”. And I will consider writing about keyboards some more because a good keyboard makes you want to type and type and type… #thock.

I pressed ⌘B. You wouldn’t believe what happened next | Marcin Wichary | CSS Day 2022

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